SPI canvases the broad spectrum of surgical products looking for those that accomplish one or more of the following benefits to our customers:

  • Superior clinical outcomes that greatly improve patient care, and/or
  • Superior clinical outcomes at a cost equal to those of other competitors, and/or
  • Superior or equivalent clinical outcomes at a cost less than those of other competitors.

A good amount of our management team’s time is spent evaluating new product opportunities that may deliver one or more of the benefits outlined above. SPI also travels abroad to Dusseldorf, Germany each and every year to participate in Medica – the largest medical device show in the world. Five of SPI’s current vendors are of European origin and we expect this trend to continue in future years.

SPI manufacturers some specialty products under its own label. These products are feature-rich and clinically effective but have reduced many of our customer’s prior costs by over 70% in some instances.

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